Reel Easy Charters

 Striped Bass Fishing Charters

on the Hudson River


the spawn

Striped bass are anadromous fish, meaning that they migrate from salt water to fresh water to spawn and then return again to salt water. Every year between 1-3 million striped bass travel north from the Atlantic Ocean to the Hudson River to spawn. Spawning is triggered when the river’s temperature rises to the low to mid 60 degrees. It truly is an incredible sight to see! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!


The season

By regulation, striper season opens in the Mid-Hudson Valley on April 1st of each year. However, the fish operate on their own schedule so the spawn may vary a few days or weeks from year to year depending on water temperature and clarity. Sudden temperature spikes or drops and/or changes in water clarity can affect the feeding patterns, as well as the timing of the spawn. As a general guideline, the spring striper run primarily occurs during the months of April and May in the Kingston area. Don’t miss this brief period each year when the Hudson Valley becomes a world class fishery!


Captain Jay has been fishing the waters in the Kingston area for over 30 years and has come to know all of the best and lesser known spots to catch the spring run stripers. Striper fishing on the Hudson can change from day to day, tide to tide, or even hour to hour depending on natural variables. As such, Captain Jay monitors the fish and tailors the daily plan accordingly. Often times you may be fishing only a few minutes away from the dock, limiting travel time and increasing fishing opportunity.

the locations


Reel Easy Charters is outfitted with state-of-the-art Furuno and Humminbird fish finder tools, depth finder, chart plotter, GPS Plotter, Cannon electric downriggers, as well as Okuma, Penn and other high quality rods, reels, and lures.

the equipment


A variety of baits, lures, and techniques are used depending on the water temperature, river conditions and the time of the run. Reel Easy Charters is equipped to bait fish, jig, or troll to meet these changing conditions. If one method does not produce a catch, often another technique will get fish in the boat. Regardless of which method is used, it is always thrilling to feel the weight of a striper bending the rod and challenging your angling skills.

the techniques

What to bring

For a more pleasurable trip, your captain recommends you bring:

  • soft-soled shoes

  • camera

  • rain gear (just in case)

  • sunglasses / sun hat / sun screen

  • food / beverages / snacks (no glass containers)

  • cooler with ice to store your catch

  • layered clothing (temperature on the water is usually cooler than on shore)

Please note: hard liquor and glass bottles of any kind are not allowed on the boat. The captain reserves the right to return to the dock if any passenger(s) becomes intoxicated during the trip.